Alph Fly-In

Alpha Fly-In (Bronze Eagles)

In 1968, Elton R. "Sugar Ray" Thomas and Hulon "Pappy" White, former owners and operators of Sky Ranch Flying Service of Houston located on the Historic Stevenson Ranch in Almeda, Texas met with Dr. Jesse D. Hayes, Jr., Attorney Matthew Plummer, Horace Perkins, and several other local Negro (this was the common ethnic identification at the time) pilots.  This meeting provided the basis for the establishment of the Bronze Eagles Flying Club.  One of the club's objectives was to promote aviation among Negroes.   A second objective of critical importance began to take shape, which was exposing the world of aviation to youth. 

Alpha Eta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. has partnered with the Bronze eagles for several years to host the annual Alpha Fly-In, through the coordination of Alpha Brother Raymond Holmes and Mr. James Miller of "The Bronze Eagles Flying Organization" and others.  Brothers are involved with working registration, the orientation/briefing process, shuttling participants from the control tower to the various aircraft displays, the Boy Scouts of America Aviation Merit Badge, serving as the ground crew and by providing and serving refreshments. 

The Bronze Eagles Flying Club of Texas (BEFC), a non-profit charity flying organization and chapter of the Black Pilots of America, Inc. (BPA), was established in 1967 for one of the purposes of promoting disadvantaged youth in their endeavors towards higher education. BEFC offers a variety of services including: free familiarization flights, free training to help further student interest in the field of aviation, and a National Summer Flight Academy Scholarship Program for eligible students.

  • Alpha Fly-In (2018)

    Ellington Field 11811 N Brantly Ave #500, Houston, TX 77034